Mouse & Small Rodent Control & Prevention

Mouse & small rodent control & prevention Program 

Target Pests Include: Mice, Voles, Chipmunks, small Ground Squirrels, and even Rats located immediately adjacent to areas needing protection. This service is designed to eliminate any potential mice or other small rodent infestations around your home and other sensitive structures, as well as your landscaping and flower beds. In turn, this will keep these highly destructive rodents from invading your home or destroying your expensive landscape areas and ornamentals.

What’s the Greens Master Difference?

Our program is designed to be the most effective and least expensive mouse and small rodent prevention system possible while still being able to be maintained on a small budget. We perform a free initial inspection to identify problem areas and to communicate our findings with you so that exclusion measures can be taken where necessary. Once service begins we use the highest quality bait box system with continual monitoring every 8 weeks to virtually eliminate ever needing to resort to costly in home visits, messy traps, or noxious indoor poison applications.

We use a combination of monitoring sensitive areas and placing high grade bait stations where activity is occuring or likely to occur, as well as near any possible entry points into your home or other structure. Safety and the environment are paramount concerns so the bait boxes we use are heavily weighted to keep them in place and are locked to keep children and pets out. The boxes are designed to only allow entry by animals that are the size of the targeted pests, and we use bait that is only attractive to those specific pests needing control. Mice, voles, chipmunks, and ground squirrels do not travel very far from their original habitat. Because of this, the bait stations are optimal for preventing home infestations and damage, without killing animals that are not a threat to your home or your landscape that is not in direct proximity to it. While we have a responsibility to protect our clients and their property, we also have just as important a responsibility to protect the environment and creatures that are harmless in their own environment. Please note that we do not target any domestic animals, raccoons, tree squirrels, birds, rabbits, or any other animal not specifically listed as a target pest.

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