Pest Control Programs

Perimeter Pest Control Program

This program is designed to keep crawling insects from entering your home. Each of the 5 applications last 5 1/2 to 7 weeks to fully defend your home against invading ants, spiders, earwigs, fleas, and ticks etc. The applications are applied in a 5’ perimeter from the foundation of the home and up the foundation 5’, around all 1st story windows, doors, and other access points to keep any crawling insects from entering your home.

What’s the Greens Master Difference?

This is the best and least expensive program for homeowners who want to keep insects out of the home so they do not become a nuisance and then require much more expensive and invasive in-home chemicals to be applied. Our protective controls contain no odors, are non-staining, and non-trackable so that the applications will not cause damage to your property or be tracked inside the home.

Structural Pest Control Program

This program is specifically designed to treat an already existing structural insect problem or to preventatively treat a home that has had, or is likely to have, a structural insect problem such as carpenter ants, carpenter bees, box elder beetles, stink bugs or asian beetles.

Three applications are applied from April to October and last approximately 8-10 weeks (winter applications can be done in temperatures that are above freezing if a new infestation has been found).

Each of the applications are applied around the perimeter of the home (5’ from the foundation) and then up to 2 stories around all potential access areas into wall voids such as wood trim, window wells, eaves, siding joints, around doors, and any other possible openings. As insects enter or forage in and out of the home, they track through the controls and bring them back to the nest or breeding areas, thus killing off the entire insect population. Full control is nearly always achieved within 3-8 weeks with follow up visits made to ensure full control and to prevent new infestations.

What’s the Greens Master Difference?

Our Structural Pest Control Program is just as quick and effective, while being far less expensive or invasive than companies who unnecessarily insist on using chemicals on the inside of the home throughout the year. This means you will not have to take time off work or out of your daily life to keep costly in-home appointments, or worry about who’s in your home and potential side-effects from chemicals being applied within your house.

Bee & Wasp Control Program 

This program covers nuisance or structural nests up to 2 stories high and is reserved exclusively for our clients on an as needed basis. For our customers who are using the Perimeter Pest Control Program, nests located below 8’ and attached to the structure are covered. Our Structural Pest Control Program covers nests on the house up to 2 stories and within 5’ of the house. Please contact us immediately to take care of any new or existing nests where they either pose a danger to you or your family, or are attached to or located within the house. We treat for wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, ground bees, and cicada killers.


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Bugs and mosquitoes are non existent since using the greens master man. Scot always leaves detailed notes on everything thing he sees on my lawn, and I love the fact they will always take the time to explain any questions I may have. 

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